About us & Terms & Conditions

Company info

www.proregplates.co.uk – Has been trading and producing number plates for both trade and private customers since 2004.

(Now also trading as www.replacementregistrationplates.co.uk & www.cheapnumberplate.org.uk but all carry the proregplates logo and company name)

Proregplates – are also a DVLA registered number plate’s supplier: No 44666


Here at proregplates, we offer a complete number plate service, from designing your own number plates / show plates on one of our websites and having them delivered to your door. We also provide a collection service where your plates can be collected the same day if required.

Also been DVLA registered we also can provide legal number plates to the trade and private customers who provide us with the required documents of vehicle ownership & one document confirming your name and address.

Here at proregplates we also offer a telephone advice service that is available up to 22.00hrs seven days a week if any advice or help is needed with the online design features on the websites.

On-line Service & Policy

All online orders will receive an automated confirmation email with details of your order, these details are what your plates will be processed from and the address they will be delivered to.

Please ensure ALL these details are correct has your plate will be processed as per your design, we make NO changes to your design includes incorrect spacing or spelling mistakes.

It’s you the buyer’s responsibility for your number plate’s design, so please ensure what you see is what you want. Your plates/plate is processed direct from your design on the website with no input from us.

All orders received before 16.00hrs except weekends will be processed and dispatched the same day by your selected delivery service. Orders received after this time will be dispatched the following morning. Orders received after 12.00 hrs. On Saturday will be dispatched first post Monday morning.

Privacy Policy

We do not store credit or Debit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

We do keep the plate details ONLY you the buyer provided when ordering your number plates for 12 months form purchase date for the guarantee of the plates, proof of purchase and so we can process a replacement if needed, we do not share customer’s details with any 3rd parties.

All Customers details are professionally destroyed after 12 months on a monthly base.

Delivery Services

All orders received before 16.00 hrs. Are processed the same day and dispatched by your selected postal service.

Hermes courier service 3 to 4 days

Royal mail first class post 1 to 2 days

Royal mail recorded delivery 1 to 2 days

Royal mail guaranteed next day by 13.00 hrs

Royal Mail guaranteed next day by 13.00 hrs including Saturday.

Royal mail Airmail

In the event you do not receive your order within 10 working days, we will consider a replacement; this must also be confirmed by the tracking details of the selected delivery service.

Return/refunds Policy & Warranty

All are plates are guaranteed for 12 months from purchase day, we will replace or refund moneys in full any plates that de-laminate, blistered or have water marked.

All we require if a couple of photographs of Fault to the plates emailed or send by Mobile phone to the Numbers or email address supplies in are contacts.

We will also replace any plates damaged in transit by your selected postal service; again we require photographic proof of damaged before replacement plates are processed.

Please note Number plates are not a precision made product and are NOT millimetre perfect, we do not refund on any plates which are within 15mm of out of line on the length of a car plate and 10mm out of line on a bike plate. We feel that these tolerances are well within reason off out of line on a number plate and are visually acceptable.

We do not refund or replace orders placed on the websites due to incorrect details been on the plates, as your orders is processed from the information you have entered with No input from us. (Please double check all plate details before proceeding to check) It’s the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure all details are correct before payment is made.

Order Cancelation

Due to the way the system works and your orders been in-live time and could be processed within a 30 minutes of your order been received, mean cancelation of orders cannot be accepted.

If we are advised of a mistake in your order before your order has been processed, we will gladly refund your moneys or edit your order.

If we are advised of a mistake in your order after the order has been processed but before dispatched, we will process a replacement at cost price and send both.

Product Info

Please be aware that all plates purchase from one of proregplates websites are classed as SIGNS or SHOW PLATES and are for off road use only and in no way should they be used on the highway.

Please be aware that some colours will change and appear darker on the yellow plates.

It’s the purchases responsibility to abide by the law set out by the DVLA and in no way is proregplates responsible for what you the purchased does with the Signs after purchase.

If any information is required regarding the law set out by the DVLA please contact us or check the DVLA website for info.

All our plates are made to the highest quality possible and comply with all BS standards for reflectivity and shatterproof. All material used are of the highest quality and supplied by one of the country’s biggest suppliers, using the latest technology and equipment to produce a quality product.

Both show plates and are road legal plates are processed using the same materials and comply with all BS Standards.

All the logos used by proregplates, brands and products are the property of their respective owners, and are offered only as a convenience. We are a company separate and distinct from the companies who own the logos that are on our websites. No guarantees are given or implied as to the accuracy of any of the logos or to the colour accuracy used. Before the Purchaser attempts to purchase a show plate containing a logo, the Purchaser must first receive the permission of the holder of the copyright or trademark of the chosen logo. The purchaser then agrees to hold harmless and indemnify the company for any liability incurred as the result of the purchaser’s unauthorized use of material contained in the show plates, including but not limited to the use of logos in the violation of any right of the trademark or copyright holder of such logos. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will remove your logo immediately from this site if you do not wish your logo displayed.

If you have any questions or are uncertain as to the meaning of any aspect of these terms and conditions you must contact us prior to placing your order, as all orders received and acted upon by us on the understanding that our terms and conditions have been read, understood and accepted by the Purchaser.

These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between the parties in respect of the purchase. Every effort is made to ensure that the material shown on this web site does not cause offence to any individual or third party. If there is any material on this web site that does cause an offence to any individual or third party then the Company welcomes that the individual gets in contact and we shall the consider removal of the offending material.

If you have any questions about these terms and conditions, please feel free to get in-touch through are contact us Tab.

Many thanks