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Bike Plates

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Show Plates

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Car Plates

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Replacement Number plates

If you need a replacement number plate or a spare number plate for whatever reason you are in the right place.  We print and dispatch all orders before 4:00pm.  If you are looking for show plates then we have a custom design tool that lets you view your design before you order.  The file is then sent to our number plate printers who will check it for quality and dispatch it to you.

Replacement Bike number plates

Our bike number plates are the cheapest on the Internet for this quality of number plate.  There are some that are cheaper though EBay however these are printed on a very thin and poor quality plastic.  The quality of the printing is also not up to our standards.   Our Bike number plates are inexpensive but certainly not cheap.  People looking for small bike number plates have the ability to choose the exact dimensions with our online design tool

Replacement Number plates for Cars and vans

Our replacement number plates come with European side badges making the legal in the European Union.  If you have failed your MOT, Damaged or had a number plate stolen then we can send you a replacement number plate in the post on the same day as your order.

Cheap number plates


When we say “cheap” we really mean “inexpensive”.  We do not provide poor quality products but we also do not overcharge our customers.  Our plates are made from thick 5mm durable materials that will last a very long time.  When you order a replacement number plate from us we deal with all purchases by hand.  The details are checked and then entered into our printing machine.  We check the quality of the plate before dispatching it the same day.




Cheap Showplates

If you want a show plate with a personal touch then you are in the right place.  You can make as many changes that you like without having to worry about the price.  The only option that will increase the prices of the number plate or show plate are the background options as these use allot more ink and take longer to print but other options such as badges, slogans, custom logos and fonts are all included within the price.

Replacement number plates

Proreg Plates is different to any other replacement registration plate company.  We are a small company which is an advantage for many reasons.  First of all our running costs are extremely low meaning we can charge much less for our replacement number plates.  We check the Internet on a regular basis to ensure that we are always the cheapest replacement number plate company online.  We challenge you to find the same number plates online cheaper than ours.  You may find what appear to be cheaper number plates online however you will soon notice that as you add design options the price goes up.  Some companies we have found can charge as much as £4 just to add a simple coach line border to your plate.  We feel that charging £4 for what is essentially £0.01 worth of ink is just silly.  Then you consider the cost of postage.  All our or replacement number plates and custom number plates include standard deliver but many others add delivery on at the end.  You start with a number plate that costs £10 and by the time you have added your options and deliver it can often be double the price you were first told.  We only supply quality replacement number plates, which are nearly 5mm thick and resilient to slight knocks and bangs.  There are some very cheap replacement number plates on eBay at about £10 per set for a car and £7 for a replacement bike plate.  Side by side the quality is clear.  The cheaper versions are not built to last and are about 2mm thick.  When we say our replacement number plates are the cheapest on the internet we mean for good quality number plates that are built to last.


Cheap Custom Sized Number plate’s

If you need a custom sized number plate or number plates then use the custom size number plate option.  These registration plates need to be cut to size and the machine we use to print the plates needs to be calibrated so expect to pay a little more than a standard plate.  We are fair with our pricing so you wont be paying over the odds in comparison to other number plate printing companies.  Small Bike registration plates are very popular however they are not always road legal.  Please be aware that we will sell small plates as show plates and that these plates are not for road use.  If you chose to use a show plate on the road then the legal implications are yours to deal with.

Cheapest number plates

Proreg plates is the cheapest online number plate company.  We challenge you to find a number plate of the same quality online cheaper than us.  Please note that we mean number plates of the same quality.  You will have no problem finding cheaper plates on ebay and other sites however they are cheaper because they are made from a poor quality plastic with poor quality printing.  So if you want decent quality and value then you have found the cheapest number plates in the UK